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If you want the ultimate in versatility, a folding bike is for you. The choice of commuters the world over, you have the convenience of storing under your desk, or catching a bus or train home. Great for holidaying, camper vans, or daily use. Today’s folding bikes are solid and dependable.


An e-Bike is a regular bike which also has an inbuilt auxiliary electric motor and battery. The motor is to assist with your ride – this could be to increase your range, or help you up hills, or just to allow ‘sweat-free’ commuting. All the bikes we stock have ‘pedal assist’ – when switched on, the motor kicks in as you pedal. The amount it assists depends upon what level you set it at. This bicycle can be ridden with or without assistance from the motor and adhere to road regulations Australia-wide . Quality components that are the same as on regular bikes for easy maintenance.

  • Backup with compatible parts. Eg. You will require a battery one day!
  • Alloy frames and components to minimise weight. But with a little extra strength where needed. You will not find any electric bikes lighter than ours.
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How far will they go per charge? With an 10 amp hour (ah) lithium battery, more than 50km. It varies with terrain and how much you pedal.
Will it help me uphill? Yes! No sweat anymore. The 250 watt motors are 1/3 horsepower. That’s more than you can produce continuously. Hills become a breeze.
Does the battery recharge as I ride? No! The physics is simply not practical. Generating energy requires energy. You would not like that.
How much are batteries? Less than 15c to charge the battery. Battery life is usually about 3 years.
Do the lithium batteries have a memory? No! We recommend charging after use.
How fast will they go? 25km/h.




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